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(Buyer's perspective) ***Sorry it's long***

I am writing this review because I was encouraging my boss to take her motorcycle to W&D and sell it. She googled the company and was directed to yelp to and we both noticed there are a lot of reviews from a sellers perspective and not enough from a buyers perspective. 

***The Story***
My wife and I were in the market to purchase a used vehicle. We didn't want to go to a dealer because their prices are crazy and they never want to make a deal with cash... 

So we started to drive around to local high schools on the weekend, mall parking lots and craigslist in search for a car. My wife was having trouble on what vehicle she wanted to own next and was being pretty indecisive, making the car hunt even harder. 

I remembered seeing Wheels & Deals when we use to cruise El Camino. So one Saturday I said, "hey let's take a drive down El Camino (From Discovery Bay) cruise like we use to and stop in at Wheels and Deals to see what they have." 

Once we arrive we were instantly greeted by what seemed to be the owner. He told us if we needed any help to simply ask and if we wanted to test drive they would gladly show it for us. 

We walked the lot and there was so much to choose from at a wide variety of prices. Everything from old schools, hybrids, sedans, luxury, SUV, truck, bikes, sports cars... You get my drift... 

My wife saw a few she loved! Of course just a bit higher in our price range. =) She finally saw two Audi's that she never thought she'd like! We went in side and ask the owner that we would like to see these two Audi's... He was a bit busy so he asked a sales rep to come help us. We compared them both, turned them both on, sat in side and drove both of them around. We realized we wanted one! So we called the number posted on the car, spoke to the owner and made a KILLER deal over the phone. The owner was from the San Ramon area so he couldn't make it that day (Which was OK for us since we didn't have the cash on us). Picture of the Blue Audi uploaded. Pix # 23 =)

We had the owner tell W&D to place it on a "Pending Sale." We met up with the owner the next day. He still owed the banks which I thought would make things complicated but it was easy! Wheels and Deals had all the proper paper to ensure that we didn't get ripped off. We payed the owner and drove off in our newest addition. The car was detailed, smogged and looking better then a dealer's show room floor! 

ALL IN ALL, WE LOVED DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM! Our car lasted us 45k miles for two years and we sold it in the same condition we bought it in. (A European V8 was not smart to commute in and the maintenance was killing us lol) 

If you are buying a used car and you do not want to worry about getting robbed by a stranger, or dealing with a person who lies about the mechanical condition of the car, this is the place to go! 

If you are a seller~ From a buyers perspective. Leave your car with Wheels and Deals! They made it fun and easy to purchase a used car!



---  From a seller's point of view, it was a fantastic experience. I put my car on the lot, and within a month it was sold! I received a call from the buyer, planned to meet at the lot, and the owners were both there. They had all the forms we needed, and told us where to sign. 

As a younger woman, I was afraid of putting my car on craigslist or some other site, because I didn't want random men coming to my house to look at my car. Wheels and Deals handled everything, and made it so easy and safe for me to sell my car. I absolutely plan on using them again in the future. 

The owners are nice, friendly men, and all of the staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful.


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